Two Tactics to Help You Minimise Profit Loss After a Pre-Release Screener Leak

  • On 2018-05-22
This post was originally published on Medium, by Custos Tech’s Lead Content Protection Consultant, Jon Roth. Iarla Flynn, Head of Public Policy at Google, once famously said that “online piracy is primarily an availability and a pricing problem.” Although there are myriad complex issues influencing the potential (read: probable) piracy of a movie, this axiom remains the essential issue — people decide to pirate movies when they […]
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What to Do When Your Movie is Pirated

  • On 2018-05-08
This post was originally published on Medium, by Custos Tech’s Lead Content Protection Consultant, Jon Roth. Pop quiz: How much money do you stand to lose if your feature film lands up on Pirate Bay before its scheduled release date? (a) None, or, (b) Nearly 20% of your total revenue? If you chose (a), you’re likely under […]
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From 1 to 100 000: The Custos Mission to Protect Filmmakers all Over the World

  • On 2018-04-18
This post was originally published on Medium, by Custos Tech’s COO, Fred Lutz. In early 2016, we launched the first version of the online video distribution and anti-piracy product that is now called Screener Copy. We needed a way to demonstrate the blockchain tracking technology that we developed at Stellenbosch University. The first version of […]
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Piracy prevention finally available for all filmmakers, producers and videographers

  • On 2017-10-16
After having little or no way to effectively protect their movies from piracy, independent filmmakers finally have an affordable solution to a problem that’s been plaguing the industry for decades. We recently launched a secure video distribution platform, developed specifically for independent filmmakers, producers and videographers. Screener Copy boasts a level of protection up until […]
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