Piracy prevention finally available for all filmmakers, producers and videographers

  • On 2017-10-16
After having little or no way to effectively protect their movies from piracy, independent filmmakers finally have an affordable solution to a problem that’s been plaguing the industry for decades. We recently launched a secure video distribution platform, developed specifically for independent filmmakers, producers and videographers. Screener Copy boasts a level of protection up until […]
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The surprising reason Game of Thrones’ piracy problem is set to continue

  • On 2017-07-18
During the recent premiere of the highly anticipated seventh season of HBO’s Game of Thrones, many fan’s excitement flickered and died when the cable network’s main website went down for an excruciatingly long time just as the episode started. In stead of the continuation of the story, a blank screen greeted them with an error […]
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