Three things to consider when distributing your indie film online

  • On 2017-04-20
    First, a warning: DVD distribution is dead. Despite the odd DVD rental store scattered around your home town, the days of physically sending your film to prospective buyers and industry influencers are over. Done. Out of the thousands of films produced every year, only a handful will garner theatrical distribution. The rise in […]
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Bounty Hunting Trials and How You Can Join

  • On 2017-02-07
Our technology relies on anonymous people from all over the world to look for pirated content belonging to our customers, and claiming the bounties for themselves. When a bounty is claimed, we are notified via the blockchain, and we inform our customers about the details of the leak. The anonymity of our bounty hunters is […]
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Oscar Screener Piracy Still Hurting Film

  • On 2017-02-01
The Hurt Locker was one of those rare war movies that transcends the action and violence, and managed to portray the soldiers as humans whom we could all empathise with. It has an audience score of 84% on Rotten Tomatoes, and a critics score of 98%. The movie received almost universal acclaim, winning six Academy […]
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