Come build the future of blockchain-based media distribution with us.

Custos uses patented blockchain technology developed at Stellenbosch University to help filmmakers, writers and other creatives distribute and protect their content. We are currently servicing customers all over the world, including South Africa, Japan, the US, UK, Germany, Norway and India. At Custos we only hire the best, so you’ll have the chance to work with incredibly competent people. If you are interested in developing yourself in a high growth, high tech company, please apply.

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Custos is based in Stellenbosch, but our remote team members are as far-flung as Wildernes and Birmingham. I’m not going to list the perks here other than remote working, if you will make your decision on joining our team based on loot or free coffee, you are probably not right for the team. You should apply if you are the type of person that:

  • Believes data trumps arbitrary authority;
  • Does not need to be managed;
  • Is eager to continue learning and developing;
  • Wants to work in an exciting industry with incredibly smart and interesting people;
  • Can debate points without making it personal or taking it personally;
  • Can give and receive critique without making it personal or taking it personally; and
  • Enjoys a good pun.

Available Positions

  • Solutions Architect /Integration Specialist


    • Main technical contact with whitelabel and enterprise clients
    • Define and help drive customization and integration projects between client and Custos team
    • Help architect solutions with customers based on Custos platform (and perhaps other 3rd party etc platforms/services)
    • Collaborate closely with Custos technical team to define workable solutions for customer problems

    Required Skills:

    • Experience developing and integrating with various systems
    • Experience in API design
    • Technical writing skills
    • Good communication skills, excellent in dealing with customers
    • Project management experience

    Suggested Experience:

    • 8+ years
    • Some experience in dealing with customers and integration projects

  • Back-end Developer


    • System design and architecture, focussed mostly on backend components
    • Technical mentorship role
    • Responsible for contributing to architecture and overall system quality and performance
    • Responsible for enhancing our devops

    Required Skills:

    • Experience in rolling out robust, scalable distributed systems
    • Comfortable in architecture design

    Suggested Experience:

    • 5+ years

  • Front-end Developer


    • Responsible for coding (and design) of specific components/projects, mostly front-end components (web apps, dashboard, mobile/smarttv apps, etc)
    • Encouraged to contribute to system design, but under guidance from mentor
    • Might get project/component lead responsibilities
    • Need to work closely with UX/UI designer and Product Owner to create great user experiences

    Required Skills:

    • Web development skills
    • Mobile and/or Desktop app skills a bonus

    Suggested Experience:

    • 2+ years

  • QA/Support Lead

    Lead QA effort in the company, including (over time) building up a QA team
    Incl improving QA work that everybody is responsible for
    Lead Support team (initially at least); as QA lead this person will have the best working knowledge of using our system, and from this point of view in ideal place to help drive the support work and team
    Incl some manuals, FAQ docs etc
    (In time) grow and develop QA and support teams

  • Product Head

    Head of a product unit, for example all the products used in the film market or document protection market. Need to take leadership of the team and processes, and do enterprise sales.

  • Office Manager

    Help with the running of the day-to-day function of the startup. Basically, someone to help the Operation Manager doing everything. Should be process orientated and have a growth mindset.

Testimonials that I totally did not force them to write

“As I’ve worked with different teams and companies over the years, I’ve come to realize that the extra perks do not really matter, it’s about the team you work with and how enabled you are to master what you need to. Custos score very high on both.” – Herman Lintvelt, CTO

“The real perk of working at Custos is the extremely intelligent, humble people who challenge and inspire me every day. I’ve worked for 2 startups/small businesses before working here, and let me tell you, Custos is super amazing.” – Annie Spies, Operations Manager

G-J explains what we do at Custos

G-J at the Bitcoin Africa Conference