Custos partnered with a leading digital publishing solutions provider to develop a new and innovative way to protect ebooks against piracy with watermarking technology that doesn’t affect honest users.

This unique system turns the downloaders of ebook files against the uploaders by leveraging a valuable Bitcoin bounty in every copy of an ebook sold or send to marketers or reviewers before release. The embedded bounties can be claimed from anywhere in the world by a network of “bounty hunters” using a free extraction tool thus enabling rapid detection of compromised material.

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User Friendly

The process is seamless without the requirement to install additional software or register. It does not inconvenience legitimate users.

Cost Effective

The decentralisation of the detection network using “bounty hunters” scattered across the globe enables extensive reach at a minimal cost.


Gradually, the incentive to upload pirated files diminishes with time as more downloaders expose the identities of the pirate uploaders.


The system leverages a patented technology using the Bitcoin blockchain that has been successfully tried and tested in the film industry.

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