We provide various solutions for digital media distribution and protection. Click on an icon for more information about a specific product.

Custos for Video

For worry-free secure digital distribution of video files for any project that includes imperceptible watermarking.

Custos for Ebooks

A new and innovative way for publishers to protect ebooks against piracy without affecting honest users.

Other Media

New forms of protection using the core technology are constantly being developed.

How it Works

For more information on how our technology works, refer to our frequently asked questions.

Start protecting your content from as little as $1,80 per copy sent.

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Custos offers a scalable pricing structure based on the size and needs of individual clients or companies.

Our software-as-a-service distribution platform for video is priced on a convenient pay-per-use model where users pay for each unique watermarked copy of a file sent, not for every original file uploaded. Users requiring a larger amount of files to be sent within a month can sign up for one of our monthly packages, starting at as little as $1,80 per copy sent.

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This service is also available as a white-label product for mid-sized customers that have larger volumes and require more control over their content and branding.

The core watermarking technology is also available as a cloud-hosted API that can integrate into existing workflows for enterprise customers.

Why Choose Us

  • Scalable pricing to suit any budget
  • No fixed-term contracts
  • Only pay for what you use
  • Rapid and efficient infringement detection
  • Secure cloud hosting and distribution
  • Simple integration with your current workflow
  • Find security risks within your own network
  • Ideal for individuals or companies of any size