Products and solutions

Custos provides various solutions for digital media distribution and protection.

Worry-free digital distribution of video files for any project. Secured with CustosTech™ technology. Be instantly notified when an infringed copy of your work is detected.

Custos for eBooks

A new and innovative way for publishers to protect eBooks against piracy with imperceptible watermarks that doesn’t affect honest users.



Enterprise Solutions

Our cutting-edge protection and distribution technology can be tailored to your specific needs and seamlessly integrated into your existing workflow.

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Our Process

Our core protection technology is easily adaptable to suit your specific media distribution and protection needs. As such we can offer a pre-built distribution platform that integrates our cloud-solution seamlessly with your current workflow.

If you are interested in using our technology to securely distribute your media, please contact us for a free consultation.

Each potential customer is aided by a dedicated and experienced account manager that will work closely with you in drafting a proposal for how our versatile technology can be effectively implemented to address your unique needs.

This proposal includes a brief analysis of the specific security risks you should be concerned about, all free of charge.

Should the solution be to your liking, the account manager will provide you with a detailed pricing structure that suits your business case as well as a deployment timeline.

Why Choose Us

  • Rapid and efficient infringement detection
  • Cloud hosting and distribution
  • Simple integration with your current workflow
  • Find security risks within your own network
  • Scalable to any project