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Someone you know is stealing your hard work

Piracy is Real

Piracy is already mainstream – there’s been a 408% increase in torrent¬†uploads per year since 2013. Finding high-quality pirated content is easier than ever. A pre-release leak of your film can result in a staggering 19% loss of income.

Can you afford it?

Protect Yourself

Digitally distribute your sensitive content with confidence and ease with Screener Copy. Proactively discourage redistribution of your video files without inconveniencing your viewers Рall this at a lower price than shipping a DVD.


  • Simple

    One-click digital distribution

  • Secure

    CustosTech protection places accountability on the recipient.

  • Convenient

    Viewers can watch on any platform.

  • Informative

    Know your customers with viewer analytics and infringement reports.

4 Easy Steps

  • 1. Upload

    One-click upload to industry-leading secure cloud storage.

  • 2. Nominate

    Select single or multiple recipients.

  • 3. Distribute

    Recipients can stream the movie online or simply download it to watch later, on any device.

  • 4. Analyze

    Keep track of who has watched the movie, and get notified on who is leaking your films.

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