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  • What is CustosTech?
    CustosTech provides a way of detecting the sources of leaked media. It achieves this by imperceptibly marking each copy of a digital media file that is entrusted to a recipient. This “watermark” directly identifies the recipient. What makes CustosTech unique, is that it rewards individuals in piracy networks across the world to report on pirated content
  • How are pirated copies of the media detected?
    Individuals (“bounty hunter”) who know where to find pirated content are rewarded when they find new infringements. This is done by embedding a reward in the form of digital currency (Bitcoin) directly in the copies of the media that are sent to recipients. When an anonymous bounty hunter claims the bounty, Custos can immediately detect the leak and inform the client of who the original recipient of the media was.
  • Who are these bounty hunters?
    Custos employs three roles in the search for infringed media. The first group is the bounty hunters who are anonymous individuals in the piracy communities who use Custos’s freely available bounty extraction tool for their personal gain. The second role is that of Custos’s trusted enterprise partners: these are existing providers of web crawling solutions that are enabled to search for Custos-protected content too. The third role is that of Custos’s internal forensic team, who can also discover infringed content.
  • Why employ bounty hunters?
    Humans are endlessly resourceful in finding things if there is a reward involved. Human bounty hunters allow Custos to detect pirated content even while it is in the dark web or deep web, where automated crawlers can’t reach. Most importantly, by using individuals inside the piracy communities to rat on the original infringers, CustosTech sows dissent in these communities. This discourages infringers to provide what is essentially a free service to the downloaders, since the downloaders expose them to risk of being identified.
  • Is it safe to use Bitcoin?
    The Custos team comprises of some of engineers and economists specializing in cryptocurrency. They take the responsibility of managing the Bitcoin. As a client, you will never interact with the Bitcoin directly. You will also be shielded from any volatility of the currency. The Bitcoin and blockchain form a part of the back-end of the technology.

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